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The notification system is on point, JB ^.^

Um my most majorest feedback is the cover image for the site. Love the concept of the writerly quill, ink pot and tomes but the resolution is so low it looks faded and cloudy and slightly pixelated on my pc. I looked for the exact image in higher resolution but couldn’t find it. I did however find several quite similar images at a far higher resolutions that look sharp and crisp like autumn air. I can save them on my comp, post them here and/or send them to you via email. Below is a link that leads to some of the best of them as well. It doesn’t matter what you go far as my issue isn’t with the content of the current image itself, just with its fuzziness.

Den of Writers cover image options

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5


Option 6

Hope this is helpful! Tell me what you think ^.^