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Great idea, Mad, and some good ones here.

Hmm. Steven King said something similar to Raine’s ‘Write the first draft for yourself, edit for your readers’ with his ‘Write the first draft with the door closed, the second draft with the door open’ which has always stuck with me.

I also found the discipline of writing something, anything, for at least 10 minutes a day a good one for a while there. It keeps writing top of mind and does seem to exercise that writing muscle so that it becomes stronger and more nimble. More responsive to the day. I found I was looking at things with a more writerly viewpoint.

One I love – taking home a face each day. I can’t remember where I first saw this one, but its basically choosing a face to study (surreptitiously!) when you’re out and about, and then getting home and writing as full a description as you can from memory. You can then take it to a story stage, surmising who this person is, what their story might be. This could also apply to a moment, a conversation, a sighting, whatever.