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Tony Lyttle

OK, I’ll post the first entry.

Content warning; contains graphic description of a pregnancy termination

NEW BEGINNINGS – ONE IN A MILLION [370 words + title and warning]
[Warning, some may find parts of this distressing]

I’m one in a million!

A million sperms fought to get to my egg first and my one won! I’ve been growing ever since. Cells doubling and re-doubling; quadrupling and re-quadrupling. I’ve got millions and millions and millions now, all my own. And they’ve grown into all sorts of funny shapes. On the outside I’ve got lips and a nose and eyelids and earlobes. And arms with fingers and fingernails. And a thumb! I managed to get the thumb into my mouth and I can suck it. It makes me feel good. When I’m not sucking my thumb I try kicking, ‘cos I’ve got legs and feet, too. And you know what? Once, when I kicked I heard my mummy say, ‘Oh! I felt that,’ for things are growing inside me, too. I’ve been growing now for 23 weeks and I’ve started to hear stuff.

I hear my mummy crying and I feel sad. Then I hear her saying all sorts of things, but not to me. So after a while I give a little kick and she says, ‘Will you stop that!’ and so I decide to try not to do it so much. I suck my thumb instead. And feel mummy’s heartbeat going gallump, gallump, gallump, gallump. My heart goes patta, patta, patta, patta for each one of mummy’s gallumps. I like the rhythm, even if mummy’s not talking to me. We’re together. It’s warm and snug here. I can sleep.

Mummy was crying again, but she gone quiet now.

And still.

I think she’s lying down. I can feel something pulling at me. It’s like when I suck my thumb but someone’s sucking me. Not nice. Don’t! You’ll pull me off my nice soft bed. Please stop.


What’s that? It’s cold and hard. It’s cutting me. No, don’t! Stop, please! Mummy!

* * *

‘How are you feeling?’

‘Eh… a bit… yeuchy… tired… sad – a bit… relieved. Relieved it’s over.’

‘You’ll feel better soon.’


‘Just lie there and rest. Think about the future.’

‘I will. Am I really free again?

‘You are. He’s out of your life for good and now all traces of him are gone, too. It’s over.’

‘I’m free! A new beginning.’

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