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Superb blog, Skylark, and a great pleasure to read. I’ve wanted to go to the FoW for years, with it always a bit out of reach, but this year I really wanted to go for the sole reason of seeing your moment of triumph. (Not to mention hearing your words of wisdom). But there will be more such moments and I look forward to seeing them immensely.

To those Denizens who don’t know Skylark’s writing, I urge you to seek out Home. It was on the old Word Cloud that I first became aware of what a fine writer Skylark was – she won the Autumn/Winter short story challenge (the ancestor of the new Den challenge A Room With A View, which you can still sign up to, by the way) with a heartrending story called How Wonderful You Are. I then read her story in the Stories for Homes anthology, A Home Without Moles, which also first introduced us to the astonishing voice of Jesika, and that cemented my opinion. (How Wonderful You Are appears in the second Stories for Homes antho, by the way). Skylark is proof that talent plus hard work can lead to success, and that good people can finish first.

Bravo Skylark