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Thank you, lovely people! Are you all trying to make me cry?!

wish you’d been there too but we’ll certainly catch up another time and you’re not half bad at the encouragement yourself

I laughed about the train once I was safely home! And thank you for not setting me off from the front row!

same fears as me but it was great, wasn’t it?

thank you! And I hope you got lots of other positives from the festival.

A golden moment sitting up there with you – glad it wasn’t someone else xxxxxx

seriously, I’m trying to hold it together here! Thank you for mentioning Stories for Homes – that’s where it all started 🙂

you’re very generous yourself! Thanks for all the encouragement over many years xx

I laughed too, in the end! Thank you for all your encouragement and GO FOR IT!!
Right, off to work now. Thanks everyone for giving me the best start to a Monday morning 🙂