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Philippa East

Hi Raine,

I love the sound of this story. A literary apocalyptic novel? YES PLEASE!

I definitely like the idea of having scenes from various characters’ lives, i.e. to have sections in different POVs. I think it serves the genre well because it creates an epic, global canvas for your story. Basically – how is the human race as a whole going to fare?

Writing in 3rd person also works well, I think. No-one gets to be solipsistic under these circumstances.

I did feel that there was a lot of information to take in in one go. I think this is because we flit from one character / group of characters + location to the next in fairly quick succession. Your omniscient narrator is stretching us over a lot of ground in a short space of time, especially for an opener.

I think there is a danger of the reader feeling a bit rootless – not clearly connected to anyone. This is always the risk with the omniscient narrator POV, unless our narrator has such a dominant personality themselves that we naturally (and happily) affix ourselves to them as we ride through the story.

So… perhaps rather than adopting the ‘omniscient narrator’ stance and dipping into all the different character’s lives (sliding about with PD) in the opener, I wonder about allocating each of these scenes to its very own section / chapter? In other words, shift it more into standard 3rd person, with clearly delineated sections for each POV?

I do love your style of writing. There’s a beautiful lightness of touch even as you describe such brutal and earth-changing events. It’s something I greatly admire.

I feel you have a wonderful collection of characters and geographical settings, each observed with such nuance of detail. This is testament to your knowledge and skill as a writer.

Within this detail you also set up plenty of hooks for the reader, e.g. ‘what are the camps?’ Makes it a definite ‘read-on’.

Is this the book you subbed to the indie? Or a new one???