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Thanks guys. I suppose my issue with groups-per-wip is they tend (to me) to become a bit of a maintenance hog. Also, it seems quite separated from everything else in that you see only that WIP, and never happen upon anything else. If someone just wants to post one small piece of a work-in-progress, I wonder if setting up a whole group for it could be offputting. Also, personally I’ve never been *totally* comfortable with sending out invites for things (hehe, boohoo, eh?!) and in a way prefer simply putting it out there, making it relatively visible within the secure context, and seeing who bites in a more organic, less formalised way. Obviously if people want a group for their WIP then that’s fine, but for those smaller, more piecemeal bits, I wonder how some sort of provision for them would go over. Anyway, let’s see what people say and how things lie.

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