Reply To: Den monthly competition September 2018

Alan Rain

Your world

Tell me about your world.
Is it the wreck of a leaking container ship,
pronounced toxic, towed from shore to shore,
or a one-way journey on a flat ocean,
ending when you spill into the abyss?
Is your past a set of random collisions,
now flotsam on an incoming tide?
What about your future?
Has your gift of time degenerated into a scabrous imp
tethered to your shoulder, preaching about unattainable goals,
abandoned hope, and bleak horizons?

Tell me about your culture.
Is your music a dirge,
your theatre a tragedy,
your art a crucifixion,
your mass a requiem?
Does your world ever glitter with inspiration, is it ever aglow
with the embers of ambition, ignited into the heat of compassion,
or a petrified, gelid place where survival is the single reason to be?
Are tolerance and inclusion integral to your world,
immutable as the strata of your rocks,
or concepts vacuous as space dust?
Is your soul a sunken relic
waiting to be dredged from the silt of the deadest of seas?

I crave to leave my world,
and sail as a free man to your world,
but fear I would be as much a stranger there as I am here.