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OK – this is really important. This is NEW, this is a TWIST and this is IMPORTANT.

The choices you have made, are making and are still free to change can have an impact on the way you write your story. However, one of the choices may have a surprising effect depending on whether I am GENEROUS or MEAN. And the surprise may not be expected. So – generous/mean, mean/generous. I really can’t decide and it’s not fair for me to decide. And not all the group members will see this – so there’s a random element. Scary. And also not fair. Hey Ho! That’s the way it goes.

HELP ME OUT. Vote now in a post to the CHIT CHAT THREAD in the Room with a View group. Vote Generous or vote Mean. Does it mean what you think?

VOTE GENEROUS OR MEAN IN THE CHIT CHAT THREAD. I will be generous or mean accordingly to how the vote goes. In the event of a draw, my default position is GENEROUS.