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Just come to this after reading the first chapter (sorry, I mean’t to read a few days ago and got sidetracked). So this is the guy we meet in the woods? Ace! And I’m assuming we’ve seen a fair bit of him between then and now, so would have already encountered his OCD and the hints of military/prison/crime dribbled into the thoughts. I love the mystery about the way he sees his scars (and the fact of the scars themselves!). I love the contrast between the control he exerts on his surroundings and body, and the struggle he is fighting to control his thoughts – thats a really powerful combination, I think.

Only seeing the opening scenes and then this, it’s hard to place him physically with respect to the wood & spooky house, and this ?town?. But I’m assuming that the two are nearby and the spooky house is part of the reason for him staying there, and for his secretiveness. Which is ace.

My only real potentially useful thought was that, given that this is seven chapters in, it reads like quite an early scene for this character. More setting up character and mysteries than following on from some action, with some things already revealed & leading on to more action etc. I’m probably not explaining myself very well, and it’s possible that the chapters before this are mostly with Laura and not Mark so this *is* effectively an early scene for him. I just wondered if perhaps he needs to be moving forward (plotwise) more in this scene as the plot is well underway by now (chapters-wise)? I might be way off the mark though, as it all depends on what happens between the beginning and here!

Honestly, I love these to bits you’ve shown us, and am so intrigued! Would love to see more!