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Alan Rain

All, just wondering: in this thread there were 75 posts in the space of 10 days. Then nothing, and abruptly – the last post was on 7th.
Was there a system crash?

Anyway, maybe it can be resuscitated?

I’ve read the entire thread, and agree there’s a lot of useful stuff. Thanks to those who’ve put links in.

I’m in that submitting period, devising a plan for novel 2, but lacking the momentum to get on with writing it, as my thoughts are still with novel 1, and pondering what mistakes I’ve probably made.

Here are a few random thoughts based on things I’ve read in this thread.
* Twitter is very useful for keeping up-to-date with the writing world. Suggest anyone in the process of submitting at least follows agents and other writers. (I think I get too involved in other subjects).
* Book doctors are paid to critique, but might not be sufficiently critical for fear of bruising egos and confidence. I asked mine to be very harsh, and she did a great job, but I still could have done with more agent-type pulling apart.
* I have mixed feelings about following a lot of the writing advice that’s freely bandied around. I suscribe to Harry Bingham’s weekly letters, and find them very good. His latest one about ‘creative writing course type prose is spot on. I would say, follow advice if you really need it, but beware losing your individual voice.
* About agents: I wish there was a greater range, regarding class, gender and age. I’m currently trawling through all the agencies, and it’s really noticeable how much young women dominate. I attended the FOW18 talk with Imogen Pelham and Jo Jakeman about agent / author relationships. I tried to prompt Imogen to talk about more diverse relationships, but she didn’t take the bait. Maybe if the agencies tried moving out of London …