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Alan Rain

@raine, of course everyone has their own experience of Twitter, and no two are alike. If a writer follows me, I follow back – the only exception being those who are on Twitter, not to socialise, but to promote their own self-pub books.
Kit de Waal and Kerry Hudson are two authors who are currently working hard to do something about diversity. They recognise that the industry is dominated by middle class, white Londoners, and the WC is effectively excluded. Being a northerner with WC roots, I support them wholeheartedly.
I also want to say that I have enormous respect for anyone who works through a Masters degree, whatever their origins. And most agents seem to be qualified in this way.
Yes, it’s true about agent age. Many of the more senior agents, men and women, are closed to submissions, which IMO is a crying shame.

Incidentally, at FOW18 I deliberately chose a man and a woman for my 1-to-1s. What happened? The man didn’t turn up, and was substituted by a woman (to his credit, he did leave me some notes).