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Philippa East

Picking up on Pinkbelts question a few comments back (yes, what happened on this thread??) – what to say to other agents if you get an offer of representation…

The courteous thing to do is to contact those other agents and let them know – before you accept – that you’ve had an offer. Those agents should then hurry up and get back to you, potentially with their own offers, which you can then choose from.

(Incidentally, this was the basis on which Jessie Burton approached Juliet Mushems, hence the (over) familiarity.)

However, if you definitely know you want to accept that offer of rep, and know you wouldn’t sign with any other agent, you could contact the rest and withdraw your sub (They might be disappointed they didn’t get a look in, but at least you havent wasted their time)

The rude thing to do would be to accept representation without in any way informing the others you’ve subbed to. If another agent subsequently came back to you with rep, then you have to say ‘oh, sorry, I’ve already accepted someone else,’ and that’s really annoying for them to have wasted their time on a no-go.