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Alan Rain

@Stellaolivetti Bath, Bridport, Yeovil, Blue Pencil.
There are two more with end dates coming soon: Grindstone and Caledonian.

Yes, it’s disheartening when you see newly published books by celebs (assume that’s what you mean). My local bookshop recently had on open display a ‘crime thriller’ by Ronnie O’Sullivan (the snooker player). No further comment necessary. ‘Home’ by Skylark was hidden behind Dan Browns – until I moved it.

We’re all so different. Criticism fires me up, and I welcome it. I always ask for readers / critiquers to be as harsh as possible, but they always seem to hold back.

I’ll look at flower arrangements will new insight now.

Good luck to those who are struggling to write, never mind taking part in comps. And good luck to those who will eventually succeed.