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Thanks all.

I have since discovered that he was on police bail, having already been arrested a couple of days earlier for public order offences and assaulting a police officer. So he may be incarcerated for now. The gym will know, I expect.

Philippa – I entirely agree that he was less likely to assault a female than a male, especially since I know the man from when he was a member and in fact he is a local tradesman who did work round our house some years ago before all this flared up. My feeling about the lack of male presence was not that they should necessarily have been the ones trying to de-escalate but a few burly blokes somewhere between him and the people in the coffee shop (many of whom were elderly as they were running classes that appeal to that demographic that day) would have been reassuring to us. Anyway, I will be speaking to the staff to find out what their future plan is.

Daedalus – thanks for the tip about the conflict resolution course. I will certainly suggest that.