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So…I live in an East Midlands town. With a university, a canal, a market, wealthy hillside houses, poorer terraces town centre and large housing estates springing up on the outskirts. So if you need to run any specifics past anyone, let me know!

But…for a story of abduction and return, perhaps it doesn’t matter which of the settings you pick. You could stay with an ‘ordinary’ home hiding nasty secrets behind closed doors. Or you could go with Andrew’s (?) suggestion of something more upmarket, where the family’s appearance/persona/way of life are at odds with the experience of abduction.

Why do you feel you need to deepen the sense of place? What role does it have within the story? Is it to trigger memories of the past, for example (in which case, how have things changed in those 7 years?) or simply to be experienced in the character’s return? Perhaps when you know why you’re using that setting, it’ll help you know how deeply – if at all – you need to go…

Personally, I find it harder to write a place I know than make it up from scratch!!