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I imagine details such as the number of times someone is hit – or even the exact manner – would be gratuitous; I don’t think anyone would keep track and I think it could actually lessen the realism as well as being rather unpleasant to read and write imo. But I do wonder if there is a chance to show character, eg sympathy for the victim by showing her reaction – letting us be her – no matter if her reaction becomes disjointed and and so forth. It doesn’t necessarily have to be violent, but it could be something, I would say. I quite like the idea of depicting traumatic scenes in a perspective completely different than expected. For instance, in my first MS I have a scene of a character falling but instead of experiencing the terror, the velocity, sound and what-have-you, I have her notice, in a very childlike way, things like the sun and the clouds and the way the land looks all tumbling about, but it’s interspersed with a sense of “something just happened”, plus these memories and fragments that make little sense like about how she needs to say some special words a prayer to stop this acceleration otherwise otherwise otherwise boom. Point being: you could try a super close up POV, bend the grammar past breaking point, flash images past us at high speed and see how that goes. It also saves the actual horribleness about depicting the violence as-is. Just some ideas anyway about how I might approach it. Good luck 🙂