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Alan Rain

I was at the FoW18 literary talk run by Galley Beggar Press, and was impressed by their focus on prose. Not sure if mine is quite what they’re looking for, but I’m interested to try. They do stipulate in their submission guidelines that you need to have read existing books they’ve published, so I have Anthony Trevelyan’s ‘Weightless World’ on order, and I’m sure I’ve seen ‘A Girl is a Half-formed thing’ in the local library. And just to further tempt me, they have a submission slot coming up in November.
Btw, if you go to their website you can read the opening chapter of some of their books.

I’m trying hard to reduce my word count. Even though I’ve already done multiple edits, I can still find words that aren’t absolutely necessary. They may be odd words in twos and threes, but they all add up. What I can’t do is cut whole passages. Not yet. Not unless it’s a matter of ‘yes’ or ‘no’.