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Philippa East

Hello All!
Lovely to be here, and thanks for the cuppa. Just what the doctor ordered. 🙂

Well, following on from my news back on the ol’ Cloud forum a few months ago, after signing with agent Sarah Manning, I completely wrote the book as planned. That was a real slog, but I got there.

I sent the initial draft of that to her in June. Thankfully, she was very happy with (PHEW). Now we are editing it. I have just sent an initial round of edits off to her, and I’m waiting on her feedback on that.

As we all know, editing can go on for AGES, and this is basically a whole new book, so it will be a while yet, I think, before we are ready to sub to publishers. But I’ll keep you posted!

I’m really looking forward to hearing how the rest of you are getting on. Congrats, Daeds, on the publication of the WtC book!!!