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Jackie Wesley

This is fascinating and poignant. All the more so as we have regular guests who stayed around a fortnight ago and took their friend over to Mousehole, as close as they could to the site of the Penlee disaster. The coastal pathway is overgrown now and their friend is unable to walk well, so they didn’t reach the site.

To cut a long story short – and I don’t have permission to retell this – but their friend was meant to be on the lifeboat. For known reasons, he didn’t make it to the lifeboat station. He feels bad to this day as he feels – most likely wrongly but who knows? – that if he’d been there things may have been different.

When our guests were telling the story I felt for their friend and for the appalling loss of life. But your story above, Richard, has made it all the more tragic. Thank you for writing about it.

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