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You lot are fantastic! Thank you all so much for brainstorming for me 🙂

and @janeshuff – I think you’re really onto something there with The Time Stealer/Snatcher’s… and using that to bundle the series together. Going to ponder that.

that made me snort – Iron Maiden’s back catalogue 🙂 But I love them. And I’m leaning towards having London in the there somewhere, but still not sure. (and thanks for liking the sound of it!).

What I’m finding hard is making it atmospheric without being ‘fantasy generic’ if you know what I mean. Really hard. But there’s some real gems in here and my synapses are firing!

‘Shadow’ keeps popping up, too. Hmmm.

Gah! Too many good suggestions! Off to ruminate. THANK YOU all @squidge @daedalus @seagreen @janeshuff @jd73 @philippaeast @alanr @bellam @tonylyttle @johnalty x