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I completely understand, and I tend to have the same issue. For me, the fact that NaNo is only a month means I can feel a bit more comfortable turning down the quality filter. I do like to construct first drafts carefully (I don’t really know any other way) but that’s far from the main reason I don’t write much. For me, the main challenge is in getting the words down by writing material that is likely to be useful, rather than falling into the trap of writing stuff for the sake of it. The second time I did NaNo I had so little inspiration I ended up writing unmitigated dross which I effectively binned as soon as I got over the line. It was a good lesson in how not to do it. It can be a good way to get over yourself as well. there’s no time to muck about so you just have to get stuck into that pivotal scene you’ve been avoiding writing or whatever