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Ooh I love a good title debate.

Tbh, I’m not a fan of ‘The {x persons}’s {female relative}. BEcause a) there’s been a gazillion of them, and b) it reduces the woman/girl to an addendum to their male relative. Also, I think ‘The Time-stealers Daughter’ is too close to The Time Traveller’s Wife for me. I know that’s adult, and a bit dated now, but still…

Sorry to be a downer on that, and of course it’s totally subjective.
I like ‘A shadow in time’ from Squidge. Or some random thoughts of mine…
Those who were taken (too war story?)
In a time of loss (too adult?)
The lost hours
The girl and the missing (i like this one)
The stolen hours
How to steal back time
Time theft and the secret girl (or shadow girl)