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I can’t remember what inspired my first WIP.

My second was inspired by a trip to Benidorm and I thought it would be fun to make a character suffer it too.

The current WIP was inspired by reading something about the Ten Pound Poms and thinking that would add an interesting aspect to a novel. Another couple of ideas have been sparked by stuff I have read in the papers, although in all cases what I have read has sent my mind off at a tangent. That happens to me a lot. I was really stumped for one of AlanP’s challenges on the Cloud until I read some stuff about cryotherapy in the paper and that, together with the choices I’d made for the challenge gave me the germ of the idea.

I don’t generally start writing until I have a beginning and an end, although my beginning is always too early and the end has been known to change quite dramatically as I get to know my characters. I have a lot more of the structure planned for my current WIP and it’s actually proving a bit more of a challenge because I worry that I am forcing my characters to fit the story rather than allowing them to steer the action.