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I’m way behind – my family invasion came early and is continuing. On a more positive note, it has made me get going on a completely new novel that I’m reasonably happy with so far. I’m trying something I’ve seen recommended elsewhere and not bothering with chapters (yet). Seems OK for now.

I’m doing a weekend away in mid-January (Dunford Novelists) where I need a (preferably opening) chapter ready. So I intend to hack a few thousand words from the start and beg my fellow-Denizens for a quick once over. Quite scary really. Last year I took the opening chapter from a WIP that is now on hold and it was very well received so I expect to get some stick this year for not finishing it.

I wish I could write at the pace Jules manages; I think she’s up to about 162,000 words on Nano at the moment. Mind you, she reads 15 books a week as well.