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Procrastination is nothing to do with commitment! It is everything to do with recognising that you need something completely different sometimes to get the authorly juices flowing again. I do it – it doesn’t mean I’m not committed at all.

I prefer to call it what it is and look at WHY I’m doing it. If it’s simply time-wasting, then I give myself a good telling off and try not to get sucked in.

But if I’m doing it to give myself a break from something that I’m stuck on, or because life isn’t giving me the space and time or creative energy to write, that’s OK too. There are other ways of keeping up creativity which isn’t writing, and I have to respect that in myself. I don’t think I’ve written anything since the summer other than a few NIBS pieces; doesn’t mean I’m not committed to getting on with my sequel, or Room with a View – but life is just too big, so at the moment I have to do what I can, when I can.

If everything stopping me writing was seen as procrastination, I’d be rocking in a corner, eaten up with guilt.

Knitting is often my procrastinatory thinking time…