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Philippa East

I so agree that it’s useful to drill down into the actual function of a particular behaviour (e.g. scrolling on Twitter, ironing socks etc.)

It MAY be avoidant procrastination (i.e. continuously putting off something we’re for some reason afraid to face). Or that same behaviour could be a much-needed and healthy break from the keyboard / page – a sort of healthy recharging breather.

Working out which it is, is so important. We have to commit to the task and push through the former; and we have to give ourselves guilt-free permission to indulge in the latter. Getting these the wrong way round though risks disaster! (I’ve been there. Ug.)

I really love Steve Pressfield’s writing on the concept of Resistance (which he identifies as a key cause of avoidant procrastinating – the kind @alanr is talking about). He wrote a lovely guide to it which you can find here:

One of his points is that the more we care about a task or project – the greater the degree to which this project is what we are meant to be doing in our lives – the more likely we are to hit Resistance. Dang.