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One issue I can foresee with moving the competition here is that when it closes for entries, we may well have entrants who do not wish to join another forum in order to participate. Also, I don’t have a way to contact all members except via the Cloud should it go toes skywards. I think I will be backing up topics and the wall as we go along once the group goes private, but we’ll just have to see if and when anything bad happens.

The SocialGo model is not well organised. They seem to have some data held on their own servers. As far as I can tell these are mainly system files, but also things like cached images and links which are drawn in when you view a page. They also hold a lot of customer data on Amazon Cloud Servers which may be something they started more recently: a few years ago. I assume they’re not actually just pocketing Harry’s money, so they will be paying the Amazon bills and Amazon, for all that, have a business to run and are professional. On the other hand, I strongly suspect that SocialGo no longer intervene at all to maintain their own servers (or a minimum amount) but leave that to automated procedures, defragments, reboots, data moves whatever they have in place. This would mean that sometimes when, say, a server hits a problem, any alerts are ignored and we see an issue at our end such as icons missing or images not loading. This remains the case until the next automated process fixes it. How long this can last is just speculation. Could be weeks; could be years.