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Guys, I can’t apologise enough for being NINE days late coming back to this. THe holidays were … not conducive to remembering things, so I am sorry for keeping you in suspense (and making January a very brief comp!)

So… thankyou for managing to fit in writing your entries during the xmas busyness.

– I loved the tiny details that you used to set scenes, the motif of warmth and cold, lying on the park bench. And that final subtle reveal – Oh, if I could slap that man!!!

– thank-you so much for entering a poem – this is totally awesome and such a fun read. Esp the ‘Schrodinger’s monstrosity, living and not-living…’ 🙂 But so many other brilliant descriptions and I love the presence/absence theme.

– Oh, but this was LOVELY. I was expecting a dark ending, but you gave me SWEET, and I loved it! You give such clever details that the whole scene felt totally real.

– This was such a clever tale. You capture a much wider story within this small piece. I loved the unreliable narrator and the conflict between my empathy for him, and how his actions are likely to be perceived by that poor woman!

– You build up a scene really well in this, I can picture every detail of the street and the slow decline in that and the character. I also loved the idea of broken windows leading to opening doors – a nice image.

– Yay for some wintery fantastical light – I want that light thing! And I can never resist anyone/thing called Loki! Honestly though, I thought this was brilliant – the way you build us up with hope but throw in that hint of menace at the end, very nice.

So, they were all great to read and thank-you again for bearing with me. It took me a while to choose, but I’m going for @johnalty as the winner – for the sense of depth in the story, and for making me feel so sympathetic towards such a flawed character! Good luck and sorry for the abbreviated month!!