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I can definitely see the attraction in steam locomotives, and I have fond memories of holidays as a child, waiting on Newbury station for the express to arrive and whisk me away. I always prayed that it would be one of those wonderful swept-front, streamlined marvels, and was overjoyed if it was. Looking over the tracks to the Newbury marshalling yard while we waited, was an entertainment that my 5-year-old self found irresistible: the puffing tank-engines, trucks full of goods from strange foreign parts such as Swindon, and incomprehensible equipment on wheels.

By coincidence, my own son is, in his own words, ‘a massive railway nerd’. I suspected this from some of his correspondence in various places, but he only recently confirmed it when for a post-birthday treat he:
1. Took the quaint Marshlink line to Ashford International
2. Took the 140mph Southeastern High Speed into London
3. Took a DLR train from Stratford International to Canning Town
4. A Jubilee to the new London Bridge
5. A clapped out 455 to Beckenham Junction
6. A tram to East Croydon
7. Had Taco Bell for the first time
8. Overground to Shoreditch
9. Got lost in Shoreditch
10. Got the tube to Heathrow airport
11. Raced the Business Carpark Pods against my friends
12. Took a bus to Hayes & Harlington
13. Took a Crossrail train for the first time
14. Wondered around the underbelly of Paddington
15. Met up with my sister in the Barbican
16. High Speed home