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Every two months seems like a good thing to try. As long as we remind ourselves from time to time on the main wall, I think there’s more chance of us remembering to enter. I must admit, while the comp entries are definitely fewer here than on the cloud, it does make judging less onerous!!

I do like the random prompts things as they make me write something I otherwise wouldnt. And several of those somethings have gone on to be published. But yeah perhaps at peak busy times (summer hols, xmas etc) being able to just post something you’re working on would be easier. Could make it eg ‘last paragraph you’ve written’ or ‘opening para of the current wip’ so there’s some sort of framework?

Re judging – I don’t know. It is considerably less time consuming than it was, but the difficult bit for me is providing comments on every entry. I do like how supportive that makes the comps, but we didn’t actually do that in the early days on the cloud although it became the norm somehow. We could just go back to commenting on why you chose the winner? I’m not sure open voting would work – the lovely thing about the comp is that there’s no ‘critique’ attached to it, so people just starting out or having a play with new ideas aren’t under any pressure. There’s a risk with an open vote that someone will get no votes and lose confidence, which I’d hate to see.