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I really like Squidge’s suggestion of a noncompetitive writing prompt.The previous format of having it be a comp to judge was slightly off-putting, for me anyway, because of the burden of that responsibility alone. I don’t have a lot of time to show up and chime in, so the idea of judging a comp was a daunting one for me. Now to show up and gratefully receive some form of inspiration to just write, with the writing alone being the only responsibility, takes a lot of the pressure off. It’s the challenge of producing work that’s my impetus, as Squidge said. A writing prompt every other month, where one leaves a comment only when truly moved to, feels like it would be much more productive, and less forced.

All that said, the idea of alternating between a writing prompt and a competition every other month seems the best way to get all the things without making any hard, fast or unnecessary choices.