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Hi All

As many of you know I’m a nervous (and a very basic) writer. Having read many of your stories I appreciate the talent of you all!

Anyway I logged on for the first time in ages to dip my toe into the monthly comp. Thanks to Barny I’ve managed to find this thread – I’m not that good at navigating websites. I wonder if anyone else is having that problem. TBH it could just be me.

Anyway I’d love any type of competition – saying that I’ve been put me off in the past (not just on this site) as I felt some of the competitions have been aimed at the experienced and talented writers – it was great to read those entries though.

I have no problem with the competitions being aimed at the talented audience but would anyone help start a ‘not so talented’ – not in those word though – competition. Selfishly I would really like to join in.

I would have held my opinion back but having read this thread I’m hoping those who know me and have read the few things I’ve written can understand where I’m coming from. It’s very important to me that I’m not the selfish person who holds others back though.

I’d like to keep the momentum of the comp going. A positive comment on each entry from the competition setter – we all spend our lives learning and as JB said to me at the very beginning of my writing journey – AAR. That has stayed with me.

To anyone who is nervous about winning/running the comp (and this is how I’ve always felt) the advice I’d give to myself is go with your gut feeling. There are so many styles of writing just show your appreciation for the topic/writing style you like. No one can criticise that.

I’m sat back on a settee thinking why every two months? Perhaps let’s jump in with every month with a topic which is easily attainable and keep the momentum going.