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Here’s the opening scene of a drama. 349 words

The scene is a contemporary kitchen. Magnets hold lists to the fridge. Children’s paintings are on the walls. MARCUS, 70, sits at the table, idle, and SAM, 40, stands at a counter, preparing food. Marcus wears his hair longer than Sam and has a brass bangle and a leather bracelet on one wrist.

MARCUS It’s the fault of bucket lists.
SAM It’s the fault of a puncture, Dad. A random event.
MARCUS People do too much. They don’t chill out.
SAM Naomi has taken the girls swimming, just like every Saturday. It’s not
on their bucket lists.
MARCUS Exactly. There’s other stuff they think they must do as well.
SAM Look, regular swimming is good for them and it’s normal. Will you cut up
this cucumber, please.
MARCUS [Cutting cucumber] They do ballet and football. They get asked to go to
school in fancy dress. In the woods they look up the name of everything
they see or else they’ve failed. Now Naomi and the girls are in a lay-by
waiting for a breakdown van. It’s a metaphor.
SAM It’s a breakdown.
MARCUS Wake up. Your karma’s running over your dogma. Or at least try and see
the funny side.
SAM Great. Old jokes from Nepal. Lucky you – all that time spent high on
spliffs and joss sticks. [Waves knife at Marcus] That reminds me, if you
call Naomi a chick again she’ll turn you into more pieces than that
MARCUS Ha! I love Freud.
SAM [Sighs]
MARCUS There’s a lot of violence in this household.
Sam’s mobile rings. The tune is ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ by Ronan Keating. He answers it.
SAM Oh, right. The girls OK?
[Woman’s voice on phone, her words indistinguishable.]
SAM Dad is helping me make supper.
[Woman’s voice again.]
SAM No. Yes. Everything’s fine. [Ends call] The breakdown man has been held
up. So when Naomi and the girls get here – finally – you need to look
sympathetic. You know, caring.
MARCUS I’ll open my arms wide and say, ‘Welcome to the Kathmandu Hippie
SAM And then I’ll murder you.