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The glib answer is “that’s just his opinion”. I think UWS probably does exist and I don’t understand why he is slating it. My impression is that an agent faced with a synopsis they like and an MS written in UWS will say “yippee”. I don’t think real originality is as prized as it should be, at least not when it comes to trad publishing. So we are probably not wasting our time hanging out here trying to “improve” ourselves. But I think we do run the risk of putting ourselves into a UWS box. I find it very hard not to go “OMG I must change everything” in response to comments on work I put up for critique but I learn much more from critiquing the work of others. That forces me to think about what I like and don’t like as a reader. The hard thing is taking that to my own work and having the courage of my own convictions rather than converting my work to UWS. I am also probably being silly because UWS might get me published!