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Sometimes professional book reviewers complain that creative writing graduates have a CW style. I haven’t spotted it myself and perhaps am being dense. If any Denizens can describe it I’d be grateful!

I do notice trends and fashions but they seem to apply to most trad published novels.

Re the workshop style, there must be a danger that if you’re a student in a physical group over a year or more there’s a strong group effect. Creatively, maybe many people would drift towards a group signature and approval. My guess is that this would be weaker in an online group. To answer Richard’s question, I don’t think we should be discouraged.

I agree with Sandra – it’s great to find real originality. As I doubt I’d be capable of such creativity whatever I did, I don’t feel too worried by universal workshop style, especially as I don’t know what it is. Maybe innocence is bliss.

For anyone interested, Yelena Moskovich is another original writer. I read Virtuoso recently and it was virtuosic.