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I know it’s always a tricky one, but what is the definition of positive commentary? Is constructive crit within that purview? What do we want to allow? I ask because in some instances it could be useful to see where a piece went wrong, though of course then again some entrants might not be seeking any kind of feedback. Going back to the point about how we’re probably not going to be swayed by others’ comments here, by the same token do we assume a reasonable degree of robustness when it comes to accepting suggestions from others here, and ditto with there being an assumed level of sensitivity when writing such responses. Personally I regard highly the knowledge, the experience, and the sensibility of people here and feel it could be really useful (no obligations of course!) if someone said, for eg., “this piece is well-written, though you take a little while to get to the inciting incident” or what-have-you. It seems kind of a shame not to use that considerable body of skill. Just a thought anyway, and I totally understand if people would rather not. Maybe there can be a little optional sub-caveat down the bottom that says “will accept any comment” or something.