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And do any of you find that sometimes, you change something, only to change it back again?

Bah! Editing? My text comes out publisher-ready, no rewrites.

OK, total-lying mode switched off now 🙂 Yes, I change it, change it back, forget why I wanted to change it in the first place, then forget entirely what the whole fracas was about or what I was aiming for, until some time later when I reread it and change it again to what I had initially updated it to. Frankly there’s no rhyme or reason to it other than seemingly what mood I happen to be in until, if I eventually hate it less one way than I do another, then it stays like that til beta phase, at which point it becomes clear that after all that, the new text is simply a repeat from something further up the page. But as long as I have some sort of handle on the process, i.e. knowing what mindset I write best in and arranging my life to maximise that, things do stabilise somewhat in the end.