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Mad Iguana

Good luck PB. You’ve done the hard part (getting yourself Out There), now comes the harder part (waiting).
On that Juliet/Jessie B cover letter, I felt very conflicted reading it, because while the letter was great and it obviously worked for her/them, there was definitely a level of familiarity and bravado (not sure if that’s the right term, but I can’t think of a better one) that I would feel exceptionally uncomfortable putting down on paper to an agent. It’s still unclear to me whether those were good things or bad, in the end, but my takeaway from it was that if the book had been bad, the cover letter would probably have been written off as being far too cocky (but clearly, the book was good as she’d already got representation, so she could get away with it).
What I definitely discovered was that it is entirely dependant on your own personality – you can’t carry off “cocky” in a letter if you’re not a cocky person, and that’s just nature. My cover letters will always, therefore, be filled with a mixture of self-deprecation and hope.
And in the end, we have to assume that a good book will break through no matter what.