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Thanks, everyone 🙂

I am just about halfway through writing the second book now so the encouragement is much appreciated.

– that has to be one of the best TBRs 😀

@Bella – I thought I was being flippant when I spoke about lads marrying their mother-in-laws, but having checked, there were cases where families got split up and the daughter thought she was motherless, got married, died young, and then the widower would marry the stranger woman who had come to town looking for her lost daughter! (Truth really is stranger than fiction.)

@Kaz – this was obviously the book I was struggling with during CampNaNo! Contract wise I negotiated it myself but SoA did look it over for me. Definitely the least sharky contract I’ve ever had in terms of rights grabbing and fairly generous terms too. Sharpe Books. (Who publish Daed’s Malta Convoy novellas too.)

– thanks, hope you enjoy it.

– Honestly a ‘what horse’ catalogue could have spawned a completely different set of novellas lol. I had to pare back the horse character since he was in danger of becoming a speaking part (and it’s not historical fantasy. Why is it the horses I write always end up with too much personality?)