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First off, I prefer your original working title – Limelight doesn’t say much to me, but the play on words makes me wonder who Lyttle was, and what sort of ‘long way’ was it? Journey? Promotion? Makes it sound quite comedic, too. It would certainly attract interest, regardless of whether anyone knows of your ancestor or not.

With your subtitle, I’d go for incredible. Unless you’re deliberately trying to do the old Victorian music hall thing of ‘Amazing, Astounding…’?

Strapline – it’s a bit long for a strapline. Is there a particular reason for capitalising so many words? It looked a bit odd… It feels more like a blurb, but if it was a blurb it’d need padding out a little more. Would it be simpler to use something like ‘W.G Lyttle: cobbler, newspaper magnate(?), author, and entertainer’ to be more punchy strapline? The survival/tragedy and who some of the people were that he made a difference to can come into your blurb then.

Hope that helps? Only my opinion of course – others may think differently…