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Tony – sorry, but Unrelenting Limelight doesn’t work for me either. Sounds like a tragedy set on a stage, and it sounds like your relative’s life was far from a tragedy.

You said that if you’re not familiar with the name, why buy the book?

Book buyers are a strange crowd, drawn in by all sorts of things. Surely it’s that ‘drawing in’ of punters that is the first step in gaining their interest?

I know we’re not a massive straw poll, but 2/3 of folk responding here have said they would be drawn in by your original title. Granted, to make a sale, they’d then have to look at the blurb…perhaps they’d recognise the subject, perhaps not – but at least you’ve tickled their curiosity. They’ve been drawn to find out more! They might even be interested enough to take a peek inside…and buy it.

You have to go with what you feel is the right title for you as the author and the book, and my feeling from this thread is that you really don’t like your original title, even though it has received a mainly positive response?

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