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Bringing a gun into a house changes it. I move from hallway to sitting room. Little Kev is trying to hide behind a chair. Bang! I shoot him through it. This isn’t the house where Kev lives anymore. His mum stands on the stairs, screaming. Screams of shock and denial I suppose. Bang! Screamy house one minute, quiet house the next. I step over her body as I climb the narrow stairs. Surely? Oh yes! The husband – the daddy. There’s a mirror; I can see the silly sod hiding behind the door. What does he imagine he’s going to do with those scissors? Oi, mate. Your boy’s dead, your missus is dead and I can see you. Twat. He’s realised about the mirror now. I give the wall a tap. Nothing but bloody plasterboard. Bang! I shoot him through the wall. His face screws up and he comes running out. He’s crying like a baby. Bang! One in the nuts. Still coming. Bang! One in the noddle and down he goes. There now. Jones family house yesterday. My house today. Totally changed.

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