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Bringing a gun into a house changes it. You can’t help it, of course. The trick is not letting on to everyone else that you’ve changed it. Keeping everything looking exactly the same, so all the neighbours, passersby, any visitors have no idea what you’ve done.

It’s a specific kind of visitor we have in mind. The kind that bulldozes in mob-handed and stays for a month, steadily eating their way through your food, breaking your stuff and bringing the wrong kind of crowd to the neighbourhood. Can’t let that happen.

They’ll wish they hadn’t come by this house. But they’ve no idea how we’ve changed it, you see. And they won’t until it’s too late.

Bringing the gun in changed things a fair bit, it’s true. More than I’d like, but needs must. The back door needed widening. A lot. And more or less all the middle wall had to go. That was load-bearing, so we had to whack props in to support the ceiling.

But when you bring a 17pdr, SP Achilles into a house, it’s going to change things. And when the counter-attacking Jerry Tiger tanks turn onto the street, they’re going to know how much.

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