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(content warning)

Bringing a gun into a house changes it
Sliding a small skirting board piece to one side
You couldn’t secrete barely a few shells between
A pipe and this weird angular thing that you recall
Has something to do with home repair
For the un-betooled.

Planking pulls up with relative ease. In they go
Force in a cloth, deaden the sounds. No-one will see
They’ll never again throw rocks at your head when they call you names
Tremble and pray is what they’ll do
When you come by

‘Cos all that you want, all that you need, from day to day,
Is love and respect (Aretha would say) – prove that you’re wrong
If ever they knock somebody down, you’ll push them back
So keep on about the punitive ways the world can be
You tried to be good, you tried to be good
You failed again.

Face doesn’t fit? You’re a little bit dim? Good luck to you.

You padded the bag with jackets and books, student stuff.
The person who said that God is Love has lied to us.
You crossed the street, you crossed a line.
The rest we know.

Bringing a bag into a school changes you.