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John S Alty

Have we ever had an entry in the form of a song before? Formatting may be a challenge, so bear with me.

On a restroom wall in Baltimore,
Above a broken sink,
Someone scratched this message,
“It’s later than you think”

I took this simple line to heart,
I saw that it was true,
And built myself a sturdy boat,
Then sailed the ocean blue.

Time goes by this way just once,
And no one has the power,
To tell you when the clock will stop,
Where skulks that fateful hour.

So, hitchhike down to Mexico,
Or drive to Kathmandu,
But better do it now, my friend,
Time catches up with you.

A big wide world is calling out,
There is no need to wait,
You are the captain of your soul,
The master of your fate.