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Jean Davison

Yes, so damn annoying. I expect we’ve all been here with our stories in one way or another. Just when I sat back happily, thinking I’d at last finished my story, that thought about plausibility came to me. And it won’t go away. However…
Last night I tried carefully writing into the story the stop-start from repeated redialling and thought it might be okay because the caller is desperately worried about the phone owner’s disappearance and could be obsessively trying to contact her. But then…
I had another try at googling some more about mobiles and I found instructions of how to disconnect voicemail. It might depend on what type of mobile, but at least one of them said, “When you disable voicemail your phone will ring indefinitely until the caller hangs up or you answer your phone.” Wonderful! Maybe I could just slip into the story earlier when someone tries ringing that they say ‘It was just ringing. Seems her voicemail is disconnected’. Then leave the original ending. That’s maybe best, do you think? (As long as what it said via google is correct).