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Thanks Philippa for your feedback. I’m really happy that you found it credible especially bearing in mind your background.

I have corrected all of those typos and mistakes so thank you for that too.

Based on Raine’s and someone else’s feedback I have added the following paragraph:

She woke up filled with the resolve to go out, bathe in fresh air until her cheeks tuned a deep shade of apple-candy red. Bundled in her coat and layers of wool, she pulled on her front door, warped wood scraping the floor. Outside, she walked amid a sea of people moving with intent towards something or someone. She wandered aimlessly until it was time for a hot drink. The bay window separated her from the bustle inside the café. People in twos, threes and fours, drinking and talking. How could she fit in such a place alone with her sad little drink and table for one? The awkward moment when someone would ask if the empty chair was taken and the shameful admission that ‘no, nobody was coming for her.’ She didn’t try to call any friends to join her; their tangible absence was more bearable than their hypothetical rejection. There would be side-glances and muttered words about the pitiful little tableau she was. Her inadequacies robbed her of her breath and followed her all the way home, whispering in her ear. Better to have a drink at home where nobody would be judging her.