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Baz Baron

Hello everyone, couldn’t resist. I’ve been away too long.
Hope you enjoy my offering – Wordcount = 196.


“Bringing a gun into a house changes it.”

I opened the door – wide. The light from the house flooded onto the gravel drive towards the parked Merc. In the passenger seat. A Goon. I saw a glint from his shades when he turned away from the glow.

The man at the door had a bead of sweat on his brow. “Come, Mr. Smith”.
A sharp whistle from me and, Jake pounded up the hallway and out of the door. Good dog. That should keep the Goon in the car.

If Mr. Smith had taken the trouble to study my bio, he would’ve read that one of my previous clients frequented Saville Row. Check the cut of the suit, Mr. Mourakis. The personal dresser would insist, fluttering a manicured hand toward a full length mirror. Something I always do. Especially when I’m carrying.

My lounge is warm and inviting. “Drink, Mr. Smith? Take a seat”.

Smith, placed the briefcase on the oak coffee table between the two red leather sofas’ nodded then sat. Just where I wanted.

I turned – less the drinks. Without a sound. My aim is shit hot. Middle of the temple.