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    @raine Hello! Yes, I think I’ve solved it, though it would help if everyone could just accept that in the first few chapters of my novel, Thursday becomes Friday without anyone sleeping 😀

    Hello to you too! I’m feeling a bit of second book pressure, mainly because Home had the USP of a child’s voice and this one doesn’t have that so I’m worrying about whether it can stand strong on its own merits. At the moment, definitely not. It is the shittiest of shitty first drafts. That book group sounds ace – and thank you so much for recommending my book. I hope she likes it!

    Philippa East


    So great to have you back. I have been wondering how you’ve been getting on. I know a lot has gone on for you.

    I’m pleased you’re engaging with your draft. It’s rough, that point int he process!

    Power to your elbow…


    I’m SURE she will @skylark 🙂

    I think all second book doubts/worries are very normal and to be expected, especially with a big change eg of voice. But push those doubts aside and let that shittiness have its day. It’s all part of the process (and shitty first drafts are always so entertaining to look back on!).


    Skylark! Hullo! So glad you’re here with us after such a long and difficult break. I’m not around here as often as I’d like to be either, but it’s lovely to know that the Den’s still here, even if I’m not.

    First drafts are a pain, aren’t they, when you revisit and find all the issues you missed in the excitement of getting it down initially.

    Working on Tilda 3 at the mo; fine tuning as I go along on the computer, but working towards a decent conclusion. Mind you, when it gets to beta read stage, there’ll probably be more thrown up!

    On the film front, don’t fancy 1917 at all. Have seen Cats, want to see Little Women (though I’m intrigued as to the fact it has some modern in it?) and deffo need to see David Copperfield. Should I read the book beforehand though?


    @philippaeast Hello Philippa!! Good to see you too. I’m not sure I’m at the elbow-grease point yet. Mostly shovelling all the words into various sorting piles while scratching my head and wondering when the novel will apppear. But it’s all good. Ideas firing off all over the place. How’s it all going at your end? So excited for you. Are you not DAYS away from launching?? Can’t wait to read!!


    @kazg yes, how I will laugh! I came across my very, very first shitty draft a year or so ago and it was quite something. Good to see how far I’ve come, at least!


    @squidge hello! Great to hear the Tilda series is progressing. I’ve got the first one in the queue for bedtime reading to the boys and can’t wait to see how it’s evolved from when I first read it years ago on the Cloud. I think I missed that there as going to be a remake of David Copperfield as well. I see most films at our community cinema club which means they have to be out on DVD so we’re usually about a year behind. Just seen Rocketman and Red Joan recently which were both great.

    John S Alty

    Hi @skylark, good to see you’re back.


    Hi @johnalty it’s good to be back, though it would help if I came back and then didn’t disappear again for months! Sigh. I have good intentions and then life happens…

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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